Beauty Ink® Skin - Tigers Eye Mushroom
Beauty Ink® Skin - Tigers Eye Mushroom
Beauty Ink® Skin - Tigers Eye Mushroom

Tigers Eye Mushroom

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The Tigers Eye Lymphatic Mushroom is a beauty tool that will assist with reducing puffiness and tired skin around the eye area by stimulating blood flow, relieving tension and assisting in lymphatic drainage. 


- 100% Tigers Eye Crystal: The stone of focus and mental clarity. Assists with healing and dispelling fear and anxiety. 



- Detoxifies the skin, promoting lymphatic drainage.

- Reduces puffiness and wrinkles.

- Reduced dark and puffy under eyes.

- Brightens the under eye area.

- Relieves tension and headaches.

- Aids in the absorption of eye creams and serums.

- Specifically designed for the delicate area around the eyes.

- Improves skins clarity.

- Relieves jaw tension caused by clenching. 


Measurements: L 3.5cm largest width 3.5cm


Included in the kit: 1x Tigers Eye Lymphatic Mushroom, 1x canvas storage bag, 1x instruction card. 


Directions: Apply the Beauty Ink Hemp Oil Blend onto cleansed skin. Gently slide the mushroom under the eye area, starting from the inner corner, moving outward, holding pressure for a moment. Repeat. Use the smooth edges of the mushroom head to roll under the brow bone, targeting the acupressure points under the brow. To reliever jaw or neck tension, use long sweeping strokes or a circular motion.  Work with slow, mindful strokes and take deep breaths to relax the central nervous system.